The Winery aims to promote the areas in the world where wine is grown and nearby tourist attractions such as cities, art and cultural attractions, its typical local wine and food producers, the incoming facilities and all those small and large firms who intend to increase and promote their brands abroad, introducing them to tourists, distribution networks and final consumers.

The Winery offer a concrete abroad promotion of:

  • Wine and food producers
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Restaurants, Small Retailers
  • Public and Private Institutions, Consortiums

The Winery promote
your brand in many ways

On Television

The Winery TV series are aired in England on some free digital TV, and on Video On demand.

Each episode tells a 3-day tour on a specific territory. An immersive experience, guided by winemakers, wineries entrepreneurs, managers of accommodation facilities and tourists.

On the Web

Video Production Services for Social Media Marketing

The Winery promotes a wide visibility and share throughout the web with socials and magazines. Our services include professional video production to create high technical and artistic level videos, useful also for websites, trade fairs and B2B meetings.

On Webinars

Connect with Buyers for Your Products

Promote your products to wine importers, from different regions worldwide, using our webinar production services.

Why be present in The Winery?

  • to engage your public on television or online with narrative-driven, creative, heartwarming video content;
  • to promote your brand  abroad; all episodes will be offered to TV channels around the world;
  • to realize high technical and artistic level videos, useful also for websites, trade fairs and B2B meetings;
  • to become part of a network that connects with stakeholders around the world, and to establish strong and positive relationships;
  • to actively promote your own territory and to contribute to its social and economic growth.

The Winery is made according to the highest quality standards. Every filmed material will be stored and available for the customer for future editing. The Winery is a patented format, and is produced by Studio Carlo Mameli

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